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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Governor's Corner
Well another month has gone bye and the cold weather is starting to show. The golf tournament was a big hit this year and I thank all the volunteers that spent a lot of time putting this event together. The dinner was outstanding, this was prepared by our own Candi great job.

Our membership is still down roughly -20 for the year lets try and pick this up for next month. Our darts on Saturday night seems to be going real good I hope everyone is enjoying the tournaments and fellowship. Our birthday bash went really well this month thank you Mike.

We had the vote for non-smoking at our lodge 14 members showed up, non- smoking 3 smoking 7 no vote 4. So the lodge will remain smoking until Moose International determines otherwise.

Friday night dinners are going great, so come out and enjoy a great meal. Thanksgiving dinner will be held at the moose lodge. Those over 65 eat free, all others will be $5.00. Donations of food will be accepted at the moose lodge, the list of items will be on the event board.

All members don't forget to renew your membership this month, and recruit new members. Well till next month God Bless the Moose Lodge and all its members.

Governor John Shea
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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