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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Administrator's Desk
Hello everyone!

Well can you believe that it is already August. We are fixing to get into the hot part of the year, if it has not already been hot enough.

We have a few things going on this month that I would like to share with you and hopefully you will join us. First the Council of Higher Degree will be doing a late lunch and then go to the Blue Wahoo’s ball game. If you are a member of the Council, the cost of the lunch and ball game is $27.00 if you’re not a member the Council has set the price for the lunch and ball game at $37.00 per person. The game is on the 18th and starts at 6.05 PM. Once I get more details I will put it out at the lodge and send out an e-mail giving you the details.

There is a district meeting in Ft Walton Beach on the 12th of this month and there will be voting for the new District President. The two gentleman that are running are: JT Tarpin from Panama City lodge and Carl Crayton from the Tallahassee lodge. Come to the meeting and vote. The Pensacola lodge can have seven LOOM members voting.

On the 25th of this month the Moose Legion will be putting on a Low Boil at the lodge. The cost for this is $20.00 per flat if you pay in advance. Flats will be $25.00 at the door. We are trying to pre- sale as many tickets as we can so as to make sure we have enough for those that come late and did not buy a ticket in advance.

Some will notice that the TV’s behind the bar have been upgraded. There are new 32 inch and have new HD receivers on them. A big thank you goes out to the folks that bought them and donated them to the lodge. Every time someone donates like this it not only help the lodge it helps you because that money saved will go to something else that the Lodge needs.

Just so everyone know we will be putting in for a grant from International for some improvements at the lodge. If we get it we will be working on replacing the ceiling and carpet in the Social Quarter and repairing the roof, we have several leaks now. This is if we are one of the lucky one to receive the money, which could be as much as $25,000 dollars. I will keep you informed as soon as I find out.

For those that have not been to the Fridays night dinners you don’t know what you are missing. You can’t go anywhere in town and get the same size meal for the price. Come out and support your lodge. We serve food every Tuesday in the Social Quarters for $5.00, the 2nd and 4th Wednesday night the kitchen is open for burgers and fish and every Friday we serve in the Great Hall the best Prime Rib in town. We also have Rib-eyes, seafood platters and a 12oz hamburger steak with onions and gravy. Thank you to all the VOLUNTEERS that make all the happen each week. If not for you, we could not do this.

Remember the reason we are members is because of MOOSEHEART and MOOSEHAVEN. Let’s keep taking care of our children and our seniors.

Roy L Suarez
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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