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Thursday, November 1, 2018
Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is doing well. I would like to thank everyone for all their donations for all of our neighbors that were affected by Hurricane Michael. For those that don’t know 5 of the 7 Lodges in our district had some form of damage to their building. Panama City was hit the hardest. As of this mailing all but two Lodges are open for business. Panama City and Marianna are still down. Marianna has been serving the community since the hurricane went through, working on generators. The Pensacola Lodge had some volunteers go to Marianna to help cut trees and make sure that the people we did help had water and some other supplies. There was another trip made this past weekend to deliver supplies for the town of Snead. I would like to thank Amanda Volker for getting word out at her place of employment. The amount of donations was overwhelming.

I have had a few people ask about Thanksgiving this year at the Lodge. The short answer is yes we will be serving as always. With that being said we will need donations. We will be putting up a list of items that we will need for this. Remember this is the time for giving. We will also be looking for volunteers to help work in the kitchen.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that work at your Lodge. If it was not for them I am not sure what we would do.

Please mark your calendars for the Lodge Christmas dance. This will be Dec 15th and we are asking that everyone bring a covered dish. The band will be Freestyle. Times are still being worked out and we will let everyone know in the next newsletter.

Come out and support your lodge. Without your support we cannot take care of the children at Mooseheart and our Young at Heart at Moosehaven. After all that is what the Moose is about.

I have one question for you, have you signed up a new member? Did you know that over 65% of Moose Members have not signed a new member? Just think if everyone at our Lodge signed up one new person we would double our membership. What a great thing that would be. Think about that. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope to see you at the Lodge.

Fraternally yours;
Roy Suarez

P.S. I received this email today and was asked to share it with the members.

Thank you, Moose Lodge, for hosting your Annual Charity Golf Tournament, golf was fun (well organized), weather was great, food was awesome and door prizes the best ever. I played in the Golf Tournament and saw, the committee and volunteers make sure it was a successful day, Thank you! However, what I did notice as a golfer after the dinner was over some of the committee (at least 3 members that I know are on the committee) walked right over to the social quarters for relaxing and enjoying the cheer. What I observed was people not on the committee doing all the cleaning, picking up and in general making sure that the hall was ready for the next event, that made me sad to end a great day like that. In my opinion this is one of the reasons we never have enough volunteers, the same folks do it over and over again. I hope that the next golf tournament, the committee will stick around and help finish what they started, the mentality that someone else will do it needs to stop! Until next year……………..
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