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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Treasurer's corner
Hello everyone,

We have a few things coming up this month that I would like to let you know about.

1. We are having a Super Bowl party just like always. The Lodge will provide free hamburgers and hot dogs and the fixins and will have this out around 5 o’clock. If you would like to bring a covered dish to share that would be great. We will have some drink specials for this as well.

2. We are having a Valentines dance on the 10th of this month with Free Style playing. The cost is $5.00 per person and the band will start at 7:oo and play till 11:00. This is open to all members and guest.

3. On the 11th of this month we are hosting the District meeting and it starts at 11:00. I would like to see a lot of our members at this meeting to make a good showing.

4. This is a little early but want to put it out there now to get people involved. The Moose Legion will be having their annual yard sale, car wash and Fish Fry. We are still working on having a poker tournament. This will all happen in April. The Moose Legion will have a Lodge clean up in April. More on this to come later.

Now I would like to talk about business. Some people have been complaining about several different things that are going on in the Social Quarters while in the Social Quarters. If you have a complaint or question about something you need to come to a meeting or come to the Lodge office so you can get the correct answers to you question instead of hearsay. There is a few people that think they know all the answers to everyone’s questions but really don’t have the facts. The bartenders are here to provide a service for you and deserve respect just like they give you, so please treat them with the same respect that you would like to get. A smile and a Thank You will go a long way on both sides.

We are still looking for someone to do the Queen of Hearts. We have had several people talk about the things we don’t do, with that I say if you want to do it then talk to the Lodge office, step up and do it. Don’t expect someone else to run with your idea. Make it work. We were doing Wednesday night dinners every Wednesday but the volunteers that have been doing it get burnt out and no one else steps up to cover that void. There is plenty of people that could do it but would rather sit back and complain about us not doing it, instead of helping. This is YOUR LODGE help it prosper. Try something different and talk about the positive things that we do in the community, Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

Thank you and I hope everyone has a beautiful day.

Roy L Suarez
Acting Administrator
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